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Understanding the Role of the Holy Spirit

In our journey of faith, we are often guided by the presence and workings of the Holy Spirit. As followers of Christ, it is essential for us to understand the primary duty of the Holy Spirit and discern its manifestations in our lives. The Holy Spirit, as promised by Jesus, is our advocate, counselor, and guide (John 14:16). One of its fundamental roles is to reveal God's plan to us through various means, including scriptures, dreams, prophecy, and vision. Through these channels, the Holy Spirit illuminates our path and empowers us to walk in alignment with God's will. However, it is crucial to discern the source of spiritual manifestations. While the Holy Spirit operates to glorify God and align us with His purposes, there are other spirits at work, such as familiar spirits, whose intent is to deceive and lead astray. How do we discern the workings of the Holy Spirit from those of familiar spirits? The key lies in examining the motives and outcomes of the spiritual experiences
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Embracing the Holy Spirit: A Guide for Believers

Dear Believers, in our journey of faith, one of the most precious gifts we have been given is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not just a vague concept or distant force; He is a personal and powerful presence in our lives, guiding us, empowering us, and leading us into a deeper relationship with God. As believers, it’s essential to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and how we can cultivate a vibrant relationship with Him. The Bible serves as our ultimate guide in this endeavor, providing us with insights and wisdom on how to relate with the Holy Spirit. John 14:26 reminds us that the Holy Spirit is our Helper, sent by God to teach us all things and to bring to remembrance everything Jesus has said to us. This verse highlights the importance of studying God’s Word with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. When we approach the Scriptures with a heart open to learning and understanding God’s plan, the Holy Spirit illuminates the truths contained within, guiding us into de


If you have believed in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the son of the living God, it is a must to relate with the Holy Spirit THROUGH THE STUDYING OF YOUR BIBLE. Seek first the interest of God and His plan for your life, and then the covenant and blessings of God will come chasing after you. GOD IS INTERESTED IN YOU KNOWING HIM. Pay more attention to your Bible today. How can you desire help from a father or God you don't have a relationship with? When was the last time you allowed God's will to dictate your decision? Repent today. Don't judge anybody. Correct, rebuke, and pray for anyone who misbehaves or makes mistakes. When you think you are better than any sinner, you are already worse than that sinner. ALLOW COMPASSION LEAD... I have vowed to God, that I will never keep silent on anyone who is not fulfilling their purpose for existence. Let's stop being lazy and become responsible with the little you have. Living within your means, be producti


As long as you are in Christ, the Holy Spirit is committed in teaching you the knowledge of the Scriptures. He is committed to reveal the plans of God to you and help you to understand God's promises and principles. Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to you. You don't need to impress Him or do anything special to get His attention. His job description is to minister to you. But your availability is what will enable Him minister to you. Salvation is an invitation into the plan of God. It is an invitation to learn, understand and participate in the plan of God. God is interested in you playing your role in His plan. The Holy Spirit is the one appointed to teach you. Embrace Him today. When you receive the Life of Jesus, it means that the Holy Spirit lives with you and also dwells within you. You might not feel the Holy Spirit but He is constantly with you and dwelling in you. It's a walk of Faith. Your first responsibility in Gods kingdom is to know God's plan for your life.


The Holy Spirit is not just a spirit being alone. He is a person that wants to relate with you and fellowship with you. He is the expression of the Spirit of the Father. And the only way to have access to the Holy Spirit is in you being born again under the authority of Jesus. Just like humans can't survive without an oxygen, so the Holy Spirit can not function or exist outside the Scriptures. The word of God is the only life He survives on and it is the only tool He uses for operation. There is nothing the Holy Spirit can do outside the scriptures. He can not do anything of his own expect the scriptures creates a possibility of it. The best way to relate with the Holy Spirit is through the scriptures and if you lack the knowledge of the scriptures, you won't understand the operation of the Holy Spirit. Whatsoever belongs to the Father, belongs to Jesus and the Holy Spirit will always take what belongs to the Jesus and make it know to you. The first duty of the Holy Spirit is t

How To War With Prophecy

Prophecy is a ministry and ministry is the activity that demand you to SERVE. In other words, the greatest prophet or prophetess is still a servant, that must SERVE the body of Christ. A prophet or prophetess is human like you but given a unique Grace of God to know and see the intention of God about any matters. They only operate through Revelation and the only inspiration of prophecy is THE WORD OF GOD Prophecy is the product of the WORD OF GOD revealing the interest of God about any situation. There is a difference between word of knowledge, word of wisdom and prophecy..... Even thou they are all revelational gift. Word of wisdom is God revealing a problem either now or in future and giving an instruction on how you should handle future. Its future centered. Word of knowledge is God revealing a problem that started in the past and giving instruction on how to solve it in the present. Prophecy is the written or spoken intention of God about the present and future. When can b


Faith is the knowledge you gain from listening or hearing God's Word. For Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. The Spiritual reality of your Faith is Jesus and the physical evidence of your Faith is your Bible. Faith is a lifestyle of the instructions of God's Word that births you the knowledge. This knowledge is based on God's kind of knowledge. The knowledge of who you are in Christ. The knowledge of the plan of God for your life. The knowledge of what God have ordained you to become and do to give Him pleasure. The knowledge of Everything in the kingdom of God, your right in Christ and all you need to know to be fulfilled in Christ. Faith is needed for you to escape the power of ignorance and the wrong kind of knowledge. Faith is the Gods kind of know that is pure and healthy for your growth in Christ. Faith is not just Spiritual alone, it spread in all aspects of life. What I mean is this - there is God's kind of knowledge for how to function physical